Constance Robinson

Dear Anisha ma’am and Tina ma’am, we are writing to thank you for the astounding job. Kids are not always easy to handle, but your patience and firmness have made a huge difference and we thank you for establishing healthy boundaries and creating such a pleasant environment.

Kids love to do experiments for the science expo was excellent. Aayansh learned so many new things from the activity. Thanks to cherubs team during science expo both Anisha and Tina ma’am guided Aayansh perfectly.

Bhanu ma’am’s basic games and dance which gave the Aayansh the energy and exposer he needed the most during online classes. The way all the teachers were teaching was wonderful and Aayansh was always excited to attend the classes every day to do some new activity or craft & colouring. 

Show and tell activity was a nice methodology where kids get confidence to talk about something. I really appreciated the whole team to organise the online classes and made Aayansh efficient to learn the basic things.

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. Aayansh had a fantastic experience in the class. You have such enthusiasm and patience with the kids in such difficult environment. 

Few lines from Aayansh:

I Love Anisha ma’am and Tina ma’am, and I like to play with them, and I like to play with my friends 😊